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Anders Boulanger

CEO of Engagify

Anders Boulanger CSP is founder and CEO of Engagify. For nearly two decades he's been travelling the world with his team of Certified Infotainers performing magic and presenting brand defining performances in the trade show exhibits of the fastest growing companies. After logging thousands of hours at trade shows, he has codified engagement and now trains sales and management teams in engagement techniques so that they can deepen connection and command attention both online and off. His fast-paced virtual keynote "The Trick to Engagement" will be as entertaining as it is informative. So strap in and get ready to engage!

The Trick to Engagement

Right now we are living in the "Attention Economy" but no one is paying attention. Never has there been more of a time to learn to engage. In this fast-paced virtual keynote "The Trick to Engagement", Anders will share 3 mission critical principles that will elevate the engagement of your interactions. Not only will he tell you about it, but he'll be demonstrating these principles in action through entertaining demonstrations in real time. At the end of this session you'll have a framework to capture your audience's attention and ensure they are fully engaged in the content or message that you share.