Talent Curation: How to Get Ahead of the Competition

Derek Sanders, Senior Vice President, Enterprise, People 2.0
Kevin Poll, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, D&I Champion, WillHire

Finding and engaging top talent quickly and efficiently is the number one goal when companies hire, whether it’s for full-time or contract. And while direct sourcing is the number one go-to strategy for doing this, the most critical part of direct sourcing is curation—a combination of many key elements that is strategic, systemic, and tailored by role, industry, and skill that immediately provides value to the hiring process.

In this two-person panel hosted by Derek Sanders of People 2.0 and Kevin Poll of WillHire, you will learn the most important elements of talent curation and how implementing it in your direct sourcing program will set you apart from your competition.
What you will learn from this presentation:

  • How to ensure you have the right skilled talent available for positions as soon as you need them filled.
  • How to engage with the most qualified candidates.
  • How to keep candidates engaged and excited about a role, company, and culture.
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