Business Growth through exceptional Leadership

Greg Savage

A 40-minute mini-masterclass on how to lead for growth through the good times and the bad, with special lessons from the crisis.

Greg Savage says, 'Leadership is Action', and this powerful session will explain the difference between Leadership and management, challenge your paradigm on how well you lead right now, and give you a road map on how to improve.

The session includes the "Savage Seven' C's of Leadership" learned by Greg over a 40-year career founding, growing and leading recruitment businesses worldwide.

The presentation includes a template for building high-performance teams and reveals the missing ingredient that leads most recruitment companies to mediocrity.

Punchy, direct and full of tactics you can implement, and anecdotes you can relate to, this session is based on the premise that Leadership, like any skill, can be improved.

And after this, you will want to.

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