“Balancing the Efficiencies of Technology with the Importance of Personal Client and Candidate Relationships”

John Healy

Process automation, matching algorithms, scheduling bots, digital communities, nurturing tools, ….technology continues to be introduced into the recruitment industry with promises to drive efficiency and operational effectiveness for distinct processes, so how do we leverage it – as an industry – to highlight the increased importance of personal relationships with the people we work with, both on the supply and demand sides of the relationship?  The COVID-19 pandemic has also exposed some inefficiencies where the individual technology solutions failed as an ecosystem, yet as an industry, we proved resilient and created solutions to keep the labour market moving forward.

This conversation will explore two distinct areas where the value of the industry is being brought to the forefront, and where we – as a collective group – have an opportunity to elevate the value of the industry while also driving efficiency for workers, clients and governments!

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